The Quadrant Academy

Unleash Your Potential

At Quadrant Golf, our knowledgeable staff are ready to provide expert advice and guidance, creating a welcoming atmosphere for golfers of all skill levels. We work out a tailored program and stick to it, measuring individual progress without having to worry about weather interference.
Quadrant 1 - Beginner Classes (6 month commitment)

Quadrant 1 focuses on the basics, utilising visual aids to enhance the learning experience. We lay the foundation for future golfers with solid setup principles.

Registration fee includes:

  • 2 x 45-minute assessments
  • 36 x 30-minute coaching sessions
  • 2 x 30-minute game sessions
  • Emphasis on off-course skill development


The above sessions span 6 months, and the cost is R 1420 per month.

Quadrant 2 - Technical Development (6 month commitment)

Quadrant 2 introduces more technical aspects, such as developing proper swing mechanics and ensuring correct club usage.Here we’ll start introducing course games to develop playing skill.

Registration fee includes:

  • 2 x 45-minute assessments
  • 36 x 30-minute coaching sessions
  • 12 x 30-minute game sessions
  • 3 x 45-minute course management sessions
  • 24 x 30-minute practice sessions in a Trackman bay.


The above sessions span 6 months, and the cost is R 2500 per month.


Quadrant 3 - Professional Guidance (12 month commitment)

Quadrant is guided by seasoned professionals, fostering understanding and goal setting. We utilise cutting-edge Trackman technology to enhance your golf game to the best you can be.

This level include the following:

  • 48 x 45-min practice sessions
  • Weekly gym program for 12 months
  • 2 x Sam Lab putting sessions
  • 3 x on-course management sessions (9 holes at Mossel Bay GC)
  • 12 x theory sessions (includes mental training)
  • 6 x indoor tournaments
  • 60 x 40-min coaching sessions
  • Club fitting session
  • Ball fitting session
  • Gapping session
  • Unlimited balls on the driving range at Mossel Bay GC (January – November)

Cost of this program is R 4350 per month.

Quadrant 4 - Holistic Approach (12 month commitment)

Where better is just not good enough.

Quadrant 4 addresses all aspects of golf and we prepare students to get ready for the professional world.

  • Registration fee
  • Tailored for top students, this quadrant focuses on handling both positive and negative aspects.
  • A comprehensive program that includes specialised gym sessions and nutrition plans.
  • 60 x 40 min coaching sessions
  • Club- and ball fitting
  • Gapping sessions
  • Course management
  • Indoor tournament play through the year
  • 120 x 45 min indoor practice session backed by Trackman
  • Theory sessions / mental training
  • Sam Lab – putting sessions
  • Golf shirt and Cap
  • Unlimited balls on driving range at Mossel Bay GC
  • On course sessions at Mossel bay GC 
  • Course management sessions

Cost of this program is R 5 900 per month