Elevating Your Game

Discover tailored coaching packages at Quadrant Golf, each designed with specific goals, such as breaking 100, 90, 80, or achieving par. Our approach integrates theory sessions and coaching, all powered by the advanced Trackman technology, allowing you to revisit sessions at your convenience.
Why Trackman?

Join the 49 of the world’s top 50 golfers who trust Trackman technology for game improvement.

Experience the most efficient and effective way to elevate your game, ensuring your child is part of this transformative journey.

Precision Coaching at Quadrant Golf

Traditional teaching often focuses solely on hitting a golf ball, but at Quadrant Golf, we take a different approach. We start by assessing your skill level, similar to how Google maps need to know your current position to guide you. We believe that winning tournaments requires skills, not just relying on long drives.

Confidence in Every Swing

Capture every coaching session with Trackman, offering a lock-in code for convenient home review.

Eliminate weather interruptions; complete programs on schedule.

Gain confidence on the course by trusting your swing and understanding the effects of each shot, even in varying weather conditions.

Skill Progression

At Quadrant Golf, you progress through stages based on mastered skill levels. This unique approach allows kids to determine their own advancement, emphasising skill development over age groups.

Revolutionising Learning with Technology

Engage kids with challenging and exciting skill games, making practice enjoyable.

Studies show that learning with modern technology accelerates improvement; Quadrant Golf measures both distance and skill levels.

Empowering parents to make informed decisions about their child’s golfing future.

The Future of Golf

Embrace the Quadrant ladder to success, where coaching is conducted in a measurable environment. Experience the future of golf, learn and study indoors with Quadrant Golf, knowing that success is not just a goal, but a measurable journey.

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